Marine Hygiene

Boats stored over winter can be prone to undesirable mould and mildew build up.
Ozone is the solution, providing a chemical free mould and mildew treatment, disinfecting and deoderizing in 60 minutes.

Introducing the Mobilsept TM boat robot, the Mobilsept boat robot can produce ozone at 3g/hr or  6g/hr and is capable of treating 30 sqm (320 sqft) or 60 sqm (640 sqft) of cabin area.

The unit comes with

- Heavy duty corrosion free round housing

- an industrial quality high output fan.

- Side vents to allow maximum efficiency

- Stainless steel air grids

- Size H 32cm 12" L 38cm 15" W 20cm 8"

The Mobilsept TM boat robot is only available from

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