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As you are aware there is a rise in pollution and the air quality particularly in the larger cities is deteriorating which means there is a increased risk to our health. Taking this into consideration the longer trips you make in a car (any vehicle) could be a new source of danger for our health.

Many international research studies have proved that car interior's can be host to a large amount of viruses, bacteria, germs and mould that can cause sickness illnesses and breathing problems.

  • Viruses and Bacteria settle in the vehicles by the outside air which can then cause asthma and allergy attacks.
  • Food - this can cause mould and germs to settle in your vehicle. These can be particulary dangerous for children and persons with low immune systems and can cause a sickness type infection.

Bacteria can form in many ways for example fungi, moulds and pathogens, which can flourish in vehicle interiors, especially in air conditioning and heating systems. Although some are beneficial, several species are pathogenic and cause infectious diseases.

Fungi including yeasts and moulds can produce bioactive compounds call mycotoxins, that are toxic to animals and also humans. Also they can produce spores which can cause breathing problems and allergic reactions.

The automotive industry has long known of this problem, the use of bombs and foggers to erradicate the bacteria are effective but are environmentally unfriendly, and does not tackle the problem of odours.

The OzoneTech Hygiene Robot provides a perfect solution for disinfecting and deodourising any vehicle.

Ozone is the second strongest oxidation agent and is 3000 times stronger than chlorine and second only to flourine.

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